North Atlantic Institute for Sustainable Fishing


Strengthen international cooperation and understanding by utilising the bond between fishermen operating in the North Atlantic

Contribute to the sustainable development of national and international fishing industry

Give active fishermen a stronger voice in fisheries management

Strengthen knowledge of the marine ecosystem by bridging fisheries and research


The research project "Fishguider" together with NTNU, Sintef Ocean and the University of Bergen

Establishment of an academic panel

Establishment of an international Catch Group

Ripple effect analysis showing the effect of shipping and fishing locally, regional and along the coast

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Why is NAIS being developed on the shoulders of active fishermen?

If we are to succeed in our common understanding of the opportunities and challenges we face, we must develop cooperation and understanding between those who have the ocean as both their workplace and their livelihood.

Through cooperation with those who establish the framework conditions both nationally and internationally, understanding and direction will be anchored through mutual trust. Active fishermen think in the same way regardless of national and regional borders, and a lack of cooperation has meant that their voice has been weak.

That is why NAIS is being developed through direct input from the wheelhouses and decks of active fishermen!

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Why is NAIS seeking international cooperation?

NAIS wants to cover all countries harvesting the North Atlantic region. This region covers a combined land and ocean area larger than Europe.

The size of the North Atlantic means that distances between countries are considerable. However, despite these great distances, the countries are linked together by common characteristics, shared challenges and historical and cultural bonds. This is clearly evident in the ties between fishermen across national borders.

How is NAIS focusing on sustainable resources?

A quest for a better understanding of the North Atlantic

Research versus experience

Challenging methodology to improve our perception of reality

Established methods versus technological opportunities

Providing inspiration for philosophy, theory and thinking

Individual versus multi-fish stock approach

Organisation of activities within NAIS

NAIS’s resource groups are aimed at the shared challenges and opportunities that fishermen face today. These resource groups will be organised in the form of projects in such a way that they are concluded when they achieve their goals.

Through its work, NAIS aims to focus on:

Making an impact and being heard

Building bridges, not barriers

Bringing together the collective knowledge of fishermen and pursuing a dialogue with ocean management authorities.

Stressing the importance of being a reputable player

Highlights and meetings

Havblikk Fisheries Conference
Topics and debates focussing on relevant issues for fisheries.

International conferences and meeting places
Exchange of experience with others and contribute to mutual understanding across countries and regions

Consultation meetings and dialogue meetings
Actively participate to strengthen the framework for the fishing industry

Interaction with academia
Contribute with experience-based knowledge to increase research and academia's competence in fisheries

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Why join NAIS?

Have your say on sustainable development as part of a national and international fishing industry

Contribute your skills and experience alongside likeminded people

Work with others to achieve results together

Keep up-to-date and face up to the challenges associated with topical issues

Become part of an international think-tank

Help set the agenda for future opportunities and challenges in the North Atlantic

Apply for membership

You become a member of NAIS by applying for membership at the institute. You are welcome as a NAIS member if you have a burning heart and commitment to sustainable fishing.

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The Institute's management is located in Midsund. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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